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New forum
I'm not sure if this should be in the News category, but if not, please move it to where this should be.

I'm currently working on a new forum software, "XenForo", it's a more advanced forum and looks very similar to I.P.Board...
I asked Ryu-sama if she liked this forum before doing anything, and she said if I can transfer everything, we can use this forum, so I want your opinions about it, would you be against moving to a new forum or not?
(You can use your current forum username and password for the new one)

Note: Language is currently in English only, but I have a German translation which I'll be uploading in the next few days, I also have a live chatbox and a donations tracker for this forum.

If anyone can translate to German, please do so ^^
Is that the forum, you showed me few month ago?
Hm... I'm not sure...
Bah... Scheiß Englisch...
Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob man jetzt ein neues verwenden soll oder beim alten bleibt...
Gibt es denn irgendwelche Vor- oder Nachteile dabei?
Ich mein, wenn man nix gewinnt und nix verliert, wieso dann wechseln? Big Grin
Meine Meinung^^
No it's not the same forum as I showed you a few months ago, that was I.P.Board, this one is much better ^^

And I see, I do agree with that statement, I'm just trying to make things look more fancy and "by the time", as LightningSoul is also renewing the HP, I was thinking about doing the same with the forum ^^
Will it be possible to transfer self-defined code, too? I just took a look at a Laufende Projekte page in the test forum just to find that our <fsb> code and even the horizontal ruler <hr> code are shown in plain text instead of the desired design.

(I wonder what our To-Do-List will look like. Unfortunately I cannot see it. I can log in to the test forum but this results in an error instead of showing me a single page. It says “You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action” the very moment the log in process completes.)

So obviously there’d be a lot of work to do. This only pays if there are considerable advantages in using the new software. If there are none, I’d recommend saving time and energy and continue with what we have.
I can transfer all the BBCodes (you call them 'self-defined code') too, this is just an example for now, I first want to see if I should actually use this new forum or not, else I'm doing work for nothing ^^

I know the 'Intern' forum isn't there yet, I don't know what Ryu-sama did to it on this forum, so it "shows" up as invisible, I'm still looking for a reason why, it is in the nodes list tho, I set all permissions correct too...

What is the problem with logging in? It doesnt work? I might have to set accounts to Staff list too
The log-in does work, just after I logged in I don’t see anything anymore. ^^°

Before my log in I can see all the threads which are publicly visible. After I log in I don’t see anything anymore, not even the forum’s home page. Just the error message.
Oh, yea I know why, not every account is transferred as "staff", all users are "Registered" by default, and this user group doesn't exist in the forum nodes, so with a little changing it'll work fine, but I won't do this today, probably tomorrow or the day after.

The issue lays with the "External Importer", it didn't remove the old user groups (which it should've done?), so XenForo is actually assuming everyone is a "Registered" user, and doesn't use the old user groups, like you're Administrator on this forum, and on XenForo you're just a Registered user.
Even so I should be able to see the public area, i. e. all those threads the standard user can see. In fact I can see some threads before logging in. After the log in process I don’t even see the forum’s home page!
I know, this is caused by the transferring of user-groups, it should work now, I changed the "Administrator" permissions to view & edit everything, I don't know why XenForo didn't do this himself, but if there's another problem, let me know.
Yes, works fine now.

Just realised by chance that clicking the date below the last poster’s name takes you to the latest post of a topic. -_- Freaky. And nothing my intuition would ever had considered at all …

I’m asking again: What’s the dozens of advantages the new forum has over the old one?

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